ContiPower is a leading service provider
with extensive expertise in the industry

ContiPower understands and exceeds the needs and ever-evolving requirements of customers. Because power generation needs and requirements are changing at a rapid rate globally as well as in South Africa, ContiPower is constantly adapting to the changes while consistently providing the same commitment to delivering industry-leading solutions to a diverse range of customers.

ContiPower’s broad experience and far-reaching engineering resources enable the efficient service support it is known for while ensuring that customers’ operations continue to run reliably and according to planned maintenance schedules.

System By regularly updating our customers’ electrical control and instrumentations systems, we minimize their energy use and prolong the operating life of their assets; thereby reduces their operational costs.

New Solutions;
Identifying New Approaches

Providing Comprehensive
Power Transmission
Solutions for South Africa

Power Transmission & Distribution

ContiPower’s range of high-voltage products and solutions enable the safe, reliable and efficient transmission and delivery of electricity for domestic and industrial use, with a product range encompassing high-voltage technologies; outdoor components and instrument transformers.